New Congressional LGBTQ+ Endorsements from Run with Pride

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We’re proud to add four brilliant LGBTQ+ candidates to the list of LGBTQ+ Democrats that we’re endorsing. These candidates are running people-powered grassroots campaigns, and they're doing so with a formidability, uniqueness and style that will have the GOP quaking in their boots.

Without further ado, meet Katie Hill (CA-25), Eric Holguin (TX-27), Lorie Burch (TX-03) and Lee Castillo (UT-01). Their progressive politics will take America closer to the future we deserve while ensuring the LGBTQ+ community is represented in the halls of Congress.

Katie Hill (CA-25)


“I’m in one of the front-line races. I’m young, I’m a woman, I’m L.G.B.T.Q. I’m one of the California seats that’s going to be getting tons and tons of attention, and I’m a new face for politics. We’re providing an inside look into what politics looks like in this post-Trump moment.”

When Katie Hill joined the race, even her most generous advocates thought it was a long-shot. She was a first-time candidate facing well-funded, big-name primary opponents in one of the most contested seats in the nation. Katie has joked that even her mother didn’t think she’d win! A few months, over one-hundred endorsements, two VICE News documentaries, and one primary race later, everything has changed. Her quick wit, cool-headed focus, determination, and lifelong district-roots have all helped Katie’s reputation soar. Her campaign is now a millennial power-house.

Katie’s first big win was convincing the DCC to overturn their endorsement of her primary rival. From there, she picked up her own endorsements from politicians, celebrities, and respected PACs like Emily’s List. Now the Democratic nominee, her next target is 2-term Republican incumbent - Steve Knight. Knight is an ex-policeman who has consistently voted with Trump and against his constituents.

Unlike Knight, Katie has sworn to fiercely defend workers, women, seniors, LGBT citizens, immigrants, the disabled, single parents, clean air, and water.

It’s clear that it will take an extraordinary candidate to flip the seat blue, but there’s plenty of reason to think Katie is that candidate. At only 30 years old, Katie Hill has already lived a remarkable life; after earning a Masters in Public Administration, she became the Executive Director of PATH (People Assisting the Homeless). As well as her videos espousing her passion for affordable health care, campaign finance reform, and an equal-opportunity economy, there’s also plenty of footage of Katie free-climbing 100-foot walls, loading goats into a van to save them from wildfires, and much more.

It’s partly thanks to this video approach that her operation has been described as, “the most millennial campaign ever”. Katie’s strategy may well reflect the future of campaigns - a recent poll of local voters showed her defeating Knight by thirteen points in November.

Visit for more information. To volunteer for Katie’s campaign, click here. To donate to Katie’s campaign, click here.

Watch the two-part VICE News documentary about her campaign here and here.

Eric Holguin (TX-27)


“It's about time that the people are represented by someone who represents true South Texas values. I will stand alongside you every step of the way to make sure we can go beyond dreaming and start achieving.”

Eric Holguin is also running a steadfast grassroots campaign. As he describes it, public service is in his blood.  

Eric was raised by an aspiring working-class family, his brothers are state troopers, his father is a teacher, and his mother is a nurse. He credits his family for his resolute dedication to education and determination to give a voice to those who have been left aside.

Inspired by his family’s attitude, Eric was determined to do the best that he could in life. And his dedication paid off - he attained Pell grants and worked multiple jobs to fund his college degree. As a student, he ran for City Council and ended up working for a U.S. Congresswoman. That led to his employment in the NYC’s comptroller’s office, where he learned the value of diversity and the importance of fiscal health. He soon became an expert in rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse.

Eric is full of great ideas for the economy, infrastructure, and education. If elected, he will continue to advance a range of issues close to his heart, including housing, senior citizen support, small businesses, healthcare, homelessness, and LGBTQ+ rights.

We highly recommend you read more about Eric’s sophisticated platform and support him in his campaign against Republican, Michael Cloud.

Visit for more information. To volunteer for Eric’s campaign, click here. To donate to Eric’s campaign, click here.

Lorie Burch (TX-03)


“I am not a conventional candidate who is running to play the traditional political game. I am running to CHANGE THE GAME. We cannot afford to perpetuate our ideological divisions. It’s time to restore our democracy to WE THE PEOPLE. This is OUR MOMENT. This is OUR LEGACY.”

We live in divided times. We need candidates that will strive towards a vision so inspiring that it will unite our broken country. Lorie Burch’s non-partisan campaign does just that. Growing up in Collin County, Lorie soon got a taste for the wider world after spending two years in Jakarta in grade 8. Lorie has spent her life helping local businesses, chairing professional development boards, and serving on the board of directors for non-profit organizations that help bring arts to children. Lorie has lent great support to the LGBT community over the years and proven her leadership time and time again.

Lorie isn’t a politician, she’s a “local girl” who has dedicated her life to her community. As such, she’s not using traditional political techniques to win her campaign. Instead, Lorie is seeking to engage and empower communities with collaborative civic participation; she’s seeking to find solutions that work for everyone based on the values of freedom, equality, and opportunity that every true American cherishes.

One of her primary focuses is the protection of voting rights. To preserve our democracy, Lorie believes we need to remove big money lobbyists like the NRA from political campaigns. We also need increased voter registration, voter awareness, and the elimination of voter suppression.

Lorie is also a champion of education, something she rightly views as “the great equalizer” between class and race. That means securing effective funding for quality public schools, advocating academic and vocational education, and promoting equal opportunity for all Americans. Furthermore, Lorie is a strong advocate of healthcare as a human right, protecting our environment from climate change, combating trickle-down economics, and reforming our medieval criminal justice system.

It looks like the LoneStar State is getting ready for an LGBTQ+ takeover!

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Lee Castillo (UT-01)


“For all of the people who have ever been bullied, discriminated against, or overlooked… I’ll be representing you. For all the people who feel they have been dismissed, passed by, or forgotten… I’ll be representing you. And for all the people who are tired of having their foundational values of humanity and compassion misrepresented by self-serving congressmen beholden to special interests… I’ll be representing you!”

Lee was born and raised in Utah where he grew up working in the agricultural fields. Lee attended the University of Utah and attained a Master's Degree in Social Work and has been dedicated to serving his community for 15 years. He has worked as an Airmen at Hill Force Base Family Practice Clinic and helped keep families together through the Utah Division of Child and Family Services. Lee is currently working for the Utah State Hospital, where he helps people suffering from mental illness in the county jails.

Lee is passionate about being a voice for the underrepresented people of his community. With current representatives being bought to oppose the voice of the people, Lee is committed to listening to his community and fighting for the issues that truly affect real people. Lee won his Primary in June and has continued to lead a positive campaign, traveling across Utah's 1st Congressional District and spreading his message about inclusive representation.

Unlike his Republican opponent, eight-term incumbent Rob Bishop, who has consistently voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to roll back environmental regulations. Lee is running a strong campaign that has focused on health care and the environment. As a Social Worker in a hospital, Lee sees firsthand the red tape and lack of funding that causes the mentally ill population to be warehoused in County Jails. Lee wants to work towards a health care system that has better prevention but also provides readily available access to treatment.

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