Run with Pride Endorses Two New LGBT Candidates for Congress


Run with Pride is excited to announce we have officially endorsed two new LGBT candidates to our already incredible line up of LGBT candidates running for Congress in 2018. Meet these amazing leaders ready to win:

Joan Greene is the Democratic candidate for Arizona’s 5th congressional district. An Arizona native, a small business owner, and proud member of the LGBT community, Joan’s mission is to help make the American Dream available to everyone.

Joan graduated from the University of Arizona with a Psychology degree and is the owner of a small marketing company that just celebrated 30 years in business. In addition to Joan’s marketing company, four years ago she started another small company that raises money and awareness for non-profits.

Her family legacy has kept her interested in public policy and government. In 1963 her grandmother was the second woman to be elected twice to the Phoenix City Council. Her grandfather, a beloved pediatrician in Phoenix, was a Democratic National Committeeman and a candidate for state senate. Her family has been a part of the fabric of Arizona politics and Joan wants to continue working to accomplish progress for Arizona.

Joan is now running for Congress to give a voice to progressive issues. She looks forward to moving our country forward to a more inclusive nation where people of all colors, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression will be treated equally.

Pat Davis is a Democratic candidate for New Mexico’s 1st congressional district. Pat grew up in a middle class family, his father a postal worker and firefighter and his mother a school teacher. After graduating from college, he went to work for the U.S. Capitol Police in Washington D.C. and later the Albuquerque District Attorney's office. 

After the 2010 elections, Pat set off to start a new organization to help New Mexico’s progressive leaders win elections - ProgressNowNM. As executive director, he traveled around the state talking to small groups of frustrated Democrats and progressives and got them involved in local actions to fact-check conservative fake news and get trained to win elections.

Pat then decided to run Albuquerque City Council in 2015. After choosing to run with public financing, he was invited to join Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s first class of state and local candidate training run by the Progressive Change Congressional Campaign. That training helped Pat win his election to city council on progressive values. Over the past two years he has since continued the fight for progressive issues and has had many successes.

Pat is now running for Congress after current Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her run for governor in 2018. He lives in Albuquerque with his partner Christopher, their dogs Jack & Okra, and their cat Gus.

We hope you join us in supporting such amazing candidates for office. If you know of any LGBT Democratic candidates running for Congress, let us know at

Jessica Sanders