Meet Our Newly Endorsed LGBTQ+ Congressional Candidates

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Run with Pride is proud to add two new amazing LGBTQ+ candidates to the list of Democrats we are endorsing. These candidates are running grassroots campaigns with strong platforms that seek to truly represent their communities in an honest way.

Meet our newly endorsed LGBTQ+ candidates running for Congress and fighting for equality: Kathy Ellis (MO-08) and Justin Dewitt (LA-06)

Kathy Ellis (MO-08)


“As a clinical social worker, my code of ethics states that I must uphold the tenets of equality and social justice to all.  I take this responsibility seriously and want to guarantee the promise of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence for all of the citizens of the 8th Congressional District.”

After attending the Women's March in Washington, D.C., last year Kathy was motivated to stand up and become the voice for the underrepresented people in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. She knew going in what a battle this race would be, but she couldn’t watch her district stay forgotten any longer.

Kathy is sixth-generation Jefferson County, Missouri Resident. Her father was CFO of Northwestern School District and her mother was a 3rd grade school teacher. She knows this community through and through. The encouragement to run from her community has been strong. She understands the frustration that it takes some residents an hour to get to the polls to vote, good jobs are hard to find, healthcare is difficult to access and that the public education system is being attacked by the current administration.

Kathy has had an impressive career that includes working as a psychotherapist, Certified Reciprocal Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Clinical Social Worker and Director of a Woman’s halfway house. She is passionate and dedicated to helping people who struggle with addiction. Kathy worked in treatment facilities and then went on to open her own private practice. Through her personal and professional experiences Kathy believes in the importance of being able to provide health care for all.

Kathy has picked up endorsements from the National Women’s Political Caucus, Nation Association of Social Workers, Project100 and is a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate. She will now be facing off against Republican Incumbent, Jason Smith. If elected, Kathy will become Missouri’s first openly LGBTQ Congresswoman in history!

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Justin Dewitt (LA-06)

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"I know what it's like to be on minimum wage, I know what it's like to work every day, I know what it's like to be outside and do a job and sweat… I'm a human, I'm a person, I'm running to help my community which is the entire 6th district."

In 2016, Justin opened his doors to friends after their houses were flooded, only to later have his home in Louisiana flood as well. While working on repairing the damage to his home Justin made the decision to run for Congress. Justin grew up on a strong work ethic, working 40 hours a week throughout high school. Now he works as a crew foreman for a surveying company. Through his work Justin has been involved in numerous infrastructure projects.

Justin is will fight to change the disaster relief system and is determined to work hard for the people of Louisiana.Justin intends to work just as hard as he has in his career and in rebuilding his flooded house to make this system work for everyone.  Unlike his Incumbent Republican opponent, Garret Graves, who failed to see the ‘Committee River Division Project’ through and address flood zone issues. This is an issue that has affected Justin and his community first hand. He understands what needs to be done and will truly listen to what his constituents have to say.

Among other issues that Justin is ready to tackle in Congress are, traffic and infrastructure, equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, and LGBTQ+ rights.

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Liliana Grijalva