Early 2018 Opportunity for Democrats to Flip a Seat in Congress


The nation will once again have a chance to flip another critical seat in Congress soon. Rep. Trent Franks' vacated office will be up for a special election on April 24th, giving Democrats an early opportunity to win an important congressional race.

Arizona’s 8th congressional district is the former seat for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and represents west Phoenix. In 2012, Republican Trent Franks took the seat. Franks was the Congressman for 2nd district but due to redistricting, ran for election in the 8th. Franks resigned in early December because of the House Ethics Committee opening a sexual harassment investigation against him, so a special election was called. This special election represents the first time this seat has been an open race without an incumbent running for re-election. It also represents an opportunity for Democrats.

Special elections are about voter turnout. What Alabama should have taught us is that special elections hinge on voter turnout and with the right candidate, resources, and energy, we can win. We have just the candidate.

Brianna Westbrook is the candidate we need. Running a grassroots campaign, she has already knocked thousands of doors and has strong local support. Brianna is also garnering national attention through social media. With celebrity endorsements from Rosie O’Donnell and Alyssa Milano to national organizations Run with Pride and Justice Democrats, Brianna is building momentum.

This race holds historical significance. Beyond just flipping yet another Republican seat, this race is important because it would mark the first time a transgender American was elected to Congress – an important milestone and vote for LGBTQ+ equality. Let’s break a glass ceiling while taking back Congress in 2018!

Are you in? Let’s continue to ride this blue wave to victory in 2018.

To learn more about Brianna, visit her website http://westbrookforcongress.com/
Donate to Run with Pride and help support Brianna and other LGBTQ+ candidates running for Congress.

Jessica Sanders