Firebrand Progressive Lesbian Veteran Takes On Trump and Republicans in Congress


Senator Pat Spearman is an African-American, gay, female, congressional candidate who has served the US as a veteran, minister, award-winning author, state senator, and more. The diversity of her life is only matched by the diversity of her cause. Fiercely progressive, Pat Spearman is fighting for the rights and equality of all Americans. If she’s elected to Congress in Nevada’s 4th district, an open district that Politico ranks as one of the top 10 House races to watch in 2018, Democrats will gain a congresswoman unrivaled in determination, courage, and accomplishment.


After graduating from Norfolk State University, Pat joined the US Army. As she worked her way up the ranks to lieutenant colonel, her military service took her all over the world - from Europe to Korea, from Panama to the Pentagon. Among her many military achievements, she worked as staff officer at the Army Operations Center and graduated from the prestigious Command and General Staff College. Unsurprisingly, she was later made chair of the Active Military and Veterans Subcommittee and a member of the Government Relations Advisory Board for the Las Vegas Metro Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce. While Pat is no longer on the battlefield, she still fights to ensure that veterans have the medical, social, and employment opportunities that they deserve.

After three decades of military service, Pat moved into education, where she continued to thrive. In 1991, she was elected to her first public office - the San Marcos (TX) Independent School Board. Her dedication and intelligence impressed her colleagues so much that they elected her to be president of the board just six months later. It was here that Pat forged her steadfast commitment to ensuring every child has access to a great public education.

Having already excelled in multiple fields, there was no stopping Pat’s selfless ambition. She ran for election to the Nevada Senate (District 1) in 2012 against moderate incumbent Democrat John Jay Lee. Shocking the pundits, she smashed expectations and won with a campaign budget of just $12,000 - a mere fifteenth of his financial support. She managed this landmark victory with true grassroots support; a wave of environmental, social, and liberal groups backed her, partly thanks to her advocacy of gay marriage and reproductive freedom. She still holds the position after beating Republican Arsen Ter-Petrosyan in 2016, with 65% of the vote.

Recognizing her potential as a natural leader, Pat was quickly appointed and elected to other senior positions on a state and national level. She was made co-majority whip, chair of the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections, chair of Health and Human Services, vice-chair of Government Affairs, a member the Executive Committee for the Counsel of State Governments and a member of various education and transportation committees.


As a state senator, Pat has been a powerful ally of the oppressed and an efficient policy-maker. She’s drafted, sponsored, passed, and/or voted for bills supporting a range of liberal causes, including: ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment for Nevada, ensuring equal pay for women and minorities, banning LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, supporting veterans, legalizing marijuana, extending voter-registration, protecting the environment, and creating sensible firearm laws.

Equality is Pat’s number one concern. She has long sought to help empower women, not least through her work as a state director for Women in Government and Women in the Legislative Lobby. One issue particularly close to her heart are the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Pat was the first openly-lesbian member of Nevada Legislature, a former vice-chair of the Stonewall Democratic Club, and a key figure in the fight for equality. As well as supporting constitutional amendments to allow gay marriage, she sponsored multiple equality bills that passed Legislature, including one that lists gender identity as a motivating factor for hate-crime (much like the long-awaited, federal Equality Act Legislation). In 2016, she organized a ceremony for the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting in the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

This devotion to equality comes partly from her faith. Pat holds a Master of Divinity from The Seminary of the Southwest, she’s an ordained minister and a former pastor. She also serves on the Global Social Justice Ministry Team of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries. Where others use religion to judge and seclude, Pat has always strived to build a more inclusive faith. She rightly argues that religion should be something that unites a community, rather than divide it. Reputable organizations like the Human Rights Commission have praised Pat for her passionate work towards creating an inclusive faith for believers of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.

Though Pat clearly has high ideals, no one could accuse her of not having pragmatic economic sense too. She was involved in the process of establishing the Nevada Revenue Plan in 2015 and voted ‘yes’ to Las Vegas’s new stadium. She’s determined to reinvigorate the economy, and she’s certainly got the credentials for it. As well as her master’s and bachelor’s degrees, Pat earned a Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis on renewable energy. She recognizes that the future of profitable, sustainable energy is intelligently implemented renewables. That’s why she wrote her thesis on “Using Sustainable Development as a Competitive Strategy”. The paper was very highly regarded - more than 450 global researchers have read or referenced her study. She’s not only a revered speaker on renewable energies but an award-winning author thanks to her co-authoring of “A Call to Action: Military and Civilian Collaboration in Energy Policy and Discussions”. Her economic and energy acumen have not gone unnoticed by government. She is chair of the Energy Sub Committee, vice-chair of Commerce, Labor, and Energy, vice-chair of the National Energy and Environmental Public Policy Committee, member of the New Energy Industry Task Force, and a member of the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee of the National Conference of State Legislators. Pat is also featured the in the HBO Documentary “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” directed by James Redford.

If Pat wins the June 8th primary and the November 6th election, she’ll continue to fight for the same issues, as well as universal healthcare, compassionate yet sensible immigration reform, and a range of social safety nets including social security and Medicare. Remarkably, Pat still finds time to enjoy life away from work, by playing and listening to music, reading, exploring other cultures, and spending time with her family. Sen. Pat Spearman is clearly someone who excels at everything she’s passionate about. Luckily for us, that’s equality. Her esteemed career puts most of us to shame. Here at Run With Pride, we have no hesitation in endorsing her as a candidate for whom no challenge is too great. Trump supporters beware, the Democrats are about to have a new powerhouse on their side.

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