Run with Pride Announces Two Exciting LGBTQ+ Congressional Campaign Endorsements


"They fear diversity, we celebrate it. They fear progress, we build on it. They fear equality, we’ll keep fighting for it.", these are the words of Senator Pat Spearman, one of the two LGBTQ+ candidates running for Congress, along with Marge Doyle, that we at Run with Pride are excited to endorse. It’s our profound belief that Marge and Pat will help to advance the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and bring us closer to equality.


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Sen. Pat Spearman (NV-04)

"Receiving the Run with Pride endorsement is an incredible honor. My life has been dedicated to fighting for equality. I am a persistent advocate to advance FULL equality for the LGBT community. I will be a powerful voice advocating for equality, veterans, basic fairness, public education, gun violence prevention, affordable health insurance, and rights for all Americans. I look forward to working with the caucus as the next Congresswoman from Nevada’s 4th Congressional District." – Pat Spearman

As an African-American, female, gay, veteran, pastor, author, and Democratic State Senator, Sen. Pat Spearman is a champion of our cause. She was the first openly-lesbian member of Nevada Legislature and is one of the most progressive members of the Nevada Senate. She has now set her eyes on Nevada’s 4th Congressional District; we’re going to do everything in our power to help her succeed.

Pat is one of those remarkable individuals that excels at everything she sets her mind on. She served in the U.S. army for thirty years; graduating from the prestigious Command and General Staff College, before working her way to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Her military service took her from Europe to Korea, from Panama to the Pentagon. She has a Doctorate in Business Administration, specializing in renewable energy. In 1991, she successfully ran for her first public office, the San Marcos Independent School District Board. Just six months later, her colleagues elected her to be president of the board. As well as being a State Senator in North Las Vegas’s District 1, she is co-majority whip; chair of Health and Human Services, member of the Energy Sub-Committee and Education committee, vice chair of Commerce, Labor, and Energy; and a government relations advisor for the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce.

Pat was first elected in 2012, after beating incumbent Senator John Jay Lee with only a fifteenth of his campaign budget. She argued that Lee was too moderate as he opposed abortion and gay marriage. As senator, she’s drafted, sponsored, and passed multiple bills that support progressive causes. These include constitutional amendments to legalize gay marriage; advocacy of equal rights/pay for women and minorities; and the inclusion of gender identity as a motivating factor for hate crimes.

She was re-elected in 2016 after beating Republican Arsen Ter-Petrosyan. On the same year, she gave an incredible speech at the DNC, praising the progress of the LGBTQ+ movement before issuing a powerful take-down of Trump & Pence. Words cannot do justice to Pat’s spirit, you’ve got to see her in action.

She is campaigning on a platform of support for renewable energy, public education, universal healthcare, compassionate immigration reform, social security and safety nets, and support for her fellow veterans. Pat is a rare and wonderful candidate. We’re honored to lend her our voice.

"They fear diversity, we celebrate it. They fear progress, we build on it. They fear equality, we’ll keep fighting for it." - Pat Spearman



Marge Doyle, RN (CA-08)

"As a lifelong advocate for full equality, I am honored, humbled and proud to have the endorsement of Run with Pride. Your mission and your work is so critical to support those of us who have been fighting hard and long for LGBTQIA equality. More importantly, to know that the LGBT Congressional Caucus will grow in numbers this election year is not only moving us closer to full equality as a nation but will serve as an inspiration for generations to come." – Marge Doyle

Marge Doyle has dedicated her life to serving her community. After a 40-year career in nursing, and an increasing frustration with incompetent politicians, Marge decided to take things into her own hands. She now faces an uphill battle to save her beloved district from catastrophic environmental, healthcare, and economic decisions. Marge has always championed equality, based on the conviction that if we are all equal under God and the Constitution, then we must fight for equality under the law.

Marge is running for the largest district in California, CA-08, an area full of natural beauty. She faces Paul Cook, a career politician who has supported mining in these precious preserves. Marge knows that this would be environmentally and economically disastrous, and she’s determined to stop him. It’s going to be no easy-feat but Team-Marge has hope, determination, and grassroots support.

Marge was moved to run for office when her local hospital was threatened with closure. She was elected to the Board of the Morongo Basin Healthcare District in 2014, saving the hospital, 600 jobs, and countless lives. She brought the MBHD from bankruptcy to financial security and expanded its services. She is also Director of Operations for Pamorris Healthcare Solutions, an organisation dedicated to opening HIV clinics throughout the U.S.

Like so many of us, Trump’s election horrified Marge. The night before the healthcare bill vote, Congressman Cook asked Marge to analyze the bill. She provided a point-by-point analysis, that showed it would not only cover less people, but would lose money. Of course, she recommended Cook vote against it. He voted for it. She confronted him about this decision, and he responded, "It doesn’t matter – the Senate will fix it." It was this apathetic response that motivated Marge to run for Congress, "he had to be replaced to protect our district from harm".

Marge is a powerful advocate of social justice, equality for the LGBTQ+ movement, environmental protection, universal healthcare, civil liberties, public education, immigration reform, counter-polarization, and anti-racist sentiment. What’s more, she’s pledged her support to the young generation and CA-08’s large military presence.

We’re proud to lend our voice to the diverse and growing chorus of support for Marge. It already includes Tech Solidarity (who generously pledged to match the first $3,000 of donations), David Simon (the creator of The Wire), Project 100 (a list of progressive women for Congress), and the thousands of individual donors who support her.

"If we are all equal before God, then we must treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, or country of origin." - Marge Doyle

Both Marge and Pat’s values align with our own, and what we see as steps forward in the fight for equality. Their election success could advance the civil liberties for millions in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. We hope that our followers inside and outside Nevada and California lend their support. Together, we can change the world.

This article was written by Alex Sinclair Lack for To learn about the other candidates we support, click here.

Alex Sinclair Lack